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Hearing aids come in a variety of styles, so there's always an option for your needs. Speak with one of our audiologists to learn more.


Each type of hearing aid has its own set of benefits. Take a look at the types below to see what would work best for your lifestyle.


Our discreet invisible-in-canal hearing aid offers a secure fit and advanced noise-processing technology, making it ideal for life on the go.

Invisible-in-Canal (iiC) are the smallest hearing devices containing today's latest technology. These devices are wireless, custom-made and can be removed and inserted by the user. The deep insertion into the ear canal means the devices are virtually invisible. This style is recommended for active individuals with mild-to-moderate hearing loss and very good dexterity.

advanced noise processing.png
invisible hearing aid

Secure fit for an active lifestyle. It sits deep in the canal, reducing "plugged up" feeling and functionally invisible.


Secure fit for an active lifestyle. Connects wirelessly to other technology using Bluetooth®. Nearly invisible.


Sleek and subtle, this completely-in-canal technology is molded to the contours of your ears for a superior fit that offers a natural look and hearing experience.

Completely-in-canal (CIC) are among the lease visible. Sitting at the opening of the canal these devices utilize the natural sound gathering properties of the outer ear's shape to provide clear sound with less wind interference. This style is best suited for individuals with mild-to-moderate hearing loss.

Brown Active.png
brown invisible.png
brown bluetooth.png


With a discreet, glasses-friendly fit and external controls, our in-the-canal technology is the perfect piece to complete your lifestyle.

ln-the-Canal (lTC) hearing devices are for those individuals who prefer a discreet hearing system with more power and more advanced features. Optional external controls give the user the ability to make manual adjustments in different sound situations. This style is recommended for individuals needing more power and control with a moderate-to-severe hearing loss.

blue battery.png
blue controls.png
custom fit.png

Snug and comfortable fit. Best battery life expectancy. External control options are available. Custom molded to fit the unique contours of your ear.

in the ear

Easier style to wear and remove. Best battery-life expectancy. Customizable external control options for quick adjustments.


Our in-the-ear hearing aids are custom-molded for you and are more powerful and comfortable, allowing for all day use.

ln-the-Ear (ITE) hearing devices fit comfortably in the concha bowl outside the ear canal. The style offers a wide range of solutions for individuals with most types of hearing loss. The larger size is very user-friendly for insertion and removal, and optional external controls allow the user to make sound adjustments based on their environmental needs. A dependable  solution for a wide range of people, this style is best suited for individuals who need power or the large size due to dexterity.

brown battery.png
brown controls.png
brown custom.png


Reliable and convenient, the receiver-in-canal device has a lightweight feel and a flexible fit, and it is among our most popular system.

Receiver-in-Canal (RlC) or Over-the-Ear (OTE) hearing devices are worn behind the ear with a wire leading to the speaker which is housed in a soft, flexible dome that goes inside the ear canal. The open-fit design means the devices are barely visible and very comfortable when worn. This style has become a popular choice for active individuals for its versatility, comfort, invisible style, technology, individual programmi ng control, Bluetooth connectivity and water resistance. The style can be fit with almost any level of hearing loss.

blue bluetooth.png
receiver in canal

Wireless Bluetooth® options available. Lightweight unit with comfortable earpieces Open fitting makes for a more comfortable, natural sound. Among the most popular styles.

Behind the ear

Battery life expectancy of up to 7 days. Connects wireless to other technologies using Bluetooth®. Equipped with the most programming options. The most versatile system, available in all technology levels.


Our behind-the-ear technology puts you in control with customizable fit options, wireless connectivity, and easy volume control.

Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing devices are worn behind the ear and are connected to a custom ear mold by a tube. This style is the choice of indviduals who want today's technology, Bluetooth technology and water resistance, but whose hearing loss requires extra power. External controls allow users to make manual adjustments to deliver optimum sound performance in varying sound environments. These devices are known for their durability, longer life expectanry and longer battery life. Recom mended for severe-to-profound hearing loss or for individuals with limited dexterity.

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brown controls.png
brown bluetooth.png
brown custom.png
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